How do Launchpads Help Token Buyers Discover the Next Crypto Gems?

Bitcoin’s insane return on investment (ROI) over the past ten years has attracted many newcomers to the young industry. Since 2011, early investors in the leading digital asset have enjoyed cumulative gains of 20,000,000%. Bitcoin’s success has led to the development of alternative cryptocurrencies. Some of the digital assets are created to offer utilities not offered by Bitcoin, and others, are created to offer token buyers the chance to invest in the next 100x cryptocurrency.

But the crypto industry is an evolving wild west. Some investors have borne the brunt brutality of the market after investing in rug pulls or pump and dump schemes. In what way can both retail and institutional investors be protected from falling victim to investing in worthless crypto projects.

The solution lies with crypto launchpads.

What is a Crypto Launchpad?

The crypto market is a tough space to navigate. With all of the coins on offer, it can be difficult to know which ones are worth investing in and which ones you should avoid. That’s where launchpads come in.

Launchpads are a new way for crypto token buyers to find the next gems. Cryptocurrency launchpads help blockchain projects raise funds while giving token buyers the opportunity to buy tokens at discounted prices.

The launchpads help to create buzz and hype around new projects. And this goes a long way in ensuring the success of each project.

But can the launchpads be trusted? How do you know that they are not acting in their own best interest at the expense of token investors or developers?

It is difficult to speak on behalf of all launchpads. But we can tell you a lot about Coinfluence, the next generation influencer-based cryptocurrency launchpad aiming to serve as a springboard for promising blockchain projects.

How Coinfluence Will Help Token Buyers Pick Crypto Gems

Coinfluence’s goal is to accelerate the best projects by promoting quality projects with great teams and utility.

The longevity of a project rests upon its utility and the people behind it. For this reason, Coinfluence will not just fall for any project that comes knocking on the door, but rather performs due diligence to assess the effectiveness of their project.

This leads us to the next important point. The majority of retail token investors usually invest in new projects without scrutinizing their ideas.

Coinfluence has a team of in-house experts who will strictly vet each project before listing it on our launchpad. Moreover, there is a proprietary algorithm that ranks projects and only selects those that meet the minimum requirements.

By listing promising projects on our launchpad, $CFLU (Coinfluence’s currency) token holders will have an opportunity to invest in quality projects before they are listed on exchanges.

This means that our token investors have a big head start, and because of this, they have the potential to invest in cryptocurrencies that are set to moon.

We all know that the cryptocurrency industry is community-driven. Without community or social media support, a project is likely to fail even if its idea could change the world.

A good example is Dogecoin. It enjoys a lot of support from influential figures and because of that, it has become more than just a meme token. It has become the king of meme tokens.

We know the importance of influencer marketing. And because of this, we are building a community of over 100,000 influencers with a target of building a network of 1 billion participants.

We are thrilled by our collaboration with Bow Wow, a rapper and actor who will use his influence to spread the word about crypto, Coinfluence, and what we aim to achieve.

This viral exposure we plan to create for our own $CFLU token and other tokens will play a crucial role for our investors to have access to the next crypto gem.

In a nutshell, this is how we help token buyers discover the next crypto gems:

  • Strictly vet aspiring projects, and only promote those that meet our criteria

Final Thoughts

There is no denying that cryptocurrency launchpads are helping token buyers discover and invest in the next crypto gems. However, it is impossible to completely eliminate risk. With Coinfluence, you invest in a growing portfolio of successful blockchain projects that reward the community with an appreciating $CFLU.

Be part of the Coinfluence family by buying your $CFLU token during our ongoing ICO.

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Coinfluence is an influencer accelerator platform for launching worthwhile blockchain projects. Our goal is to make great blockchain projects go viral.