Coinfluence Launches Global Ambassador Program — Become One of Us

We want you. Yes, we want you to become our Ambassador in your country.

Are you passionate about crypto and believe that the young sector has the potential to grow? Do you want to get involved with a next-generation launchpad that funds, nurtures, and promotes great blockchain ideas for the benefit of the entire industry?

We invite you to apply for our Ambassador Program and possibly become our official representative in your country.

What is the Coinfluence Ambassador Program?

The goal of the Ambassador program is to assemble a team of dedicated and hardworking individuals that drives Coinfluence’s vision of building a network of 100,000+ influencers who promote deserving blockchain projects.

We have launched our inaugural Ambassador Program to work with innovative individuals who can help grow the Coinfluence universe by introducing ideas unique to their respective countries.

Who is a Coinfluence Ambassador?

As our Ambassador, you will set the groundwork for our marketing outreach in your country as you are familiar with the culture, lingo, trends, etc. You will identify and reach out to local influencers that Coinfluence can collaborate with and form mutually beneficial partnerships.

We want you to be our voice in your country. You will expand our audiences in an organic manner and foster community loyalty.

In short, you are our point person in your region. You are the bridge that connects Coinfluence to the cryptocurrency community in your country.

Why Should I Become a Coinfluence Ambassador

If you become a Coinfluence Ambassador, you will:

  • Receive monthly cash incentives and performance-based bonuses

How to Become a Coinfluence Ambassador

You do not need to purchase Coinfluence’s CFLU token to become our Ambassador.

To be considered for this opportunity, apply using this link. This opportunity is open to you if you:

  • Understand Coinfluence and our goals

Are You In?

Our Ambassador Program presents an opportunity for you to be our representative in your country.

Join the Coinfluence universe today. Apply Now.

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