Coinfluence in September: The Good, the Better, and the Best

Good day, everyone.

What a ride we had in September.

We kiss goodbye to September and welcome the last quarter of the year. But before we look ahead into Q4 and beyond, here is a breakdown of what went down in the Coinfluence universe in September.

Our ongoing initial coin offering (ICO) was in the 5th phase when we welcomed the month of September. We are now in the 9th phase and ready to jump to phase 10. When all the 100 phases are completed, we will list CFLU on PancakeSwap at 8x the current offer.

Those who bought their CFLU in earlier phases will likely smile when our token is listed on exchanges.

Coinfluence’s ICO phases vs ROI when CFLU lists on PancakeSwap after completing 100 phases.

From the chart above, you can see that it may be in your best interest to buy your CFLU tokens earlier. Get in on the action now and buy your CFLU tokens at a discount price.

But being a CFLU holder is much more than about trading the token when it is listed on several exchanges. CFLU is a utility token and can be used to access early access to promising blockchain projects that you can invest in.

Along the way, we realized that sometimes, the most promising blockchain ideas are not always well-funded from the start. This is why we launched the Coinfluence seed fund.

Coinfluence’s Seed Fund

Coinfluence realized that not many projects have enough capital to get their ideas off the ground. To counter this, we launched a seed fund to provide strategic seed capital to allow promising ideas to build MVPs they can showcase to potential investors to attract additional funding.

The end goal is to turn Coinfluence into an all-round launchpad that propels great blockchain projects through seed funding, crowdfunding, community building, and viral exposure.

Speaking of viral exposure, we are building a community of 100,000+ strong influencers to promote promising blockchain projects.

Building the Coinfluence Influencer Network

Our value proposition to blockchain projects is to shine the light on them and give them viral exposure.

To do this, we are building a strong community of influencers drawn from various walks of life. And we have made some progress on this.

Rapper Rich the Kid joined the Coinfluence universe in September. He became the second celebrity to be part of the Coinfluence family after we welcomed Bow Wow in August.

We are working towards bringing more influencers to the platform. But in between that, we managed to scoop an experienced C-level executive to head our operations department.

Veteran Startup Consultant Peter Beukering Joins Coinfluence

In a bid to soar to even greater heights, we have appointed Peter Beukering as our first-ever Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Peter is a startup consultant with vast experience in various industries where his vision and business acumen have led to the success of several companies. As a C-level executive, he has led a dozen startups from Seed to Series B stage, and 2 of those startups have achieved unicorn status. His areas of expertise include operations, sales, and marketing. He has carved out a reputation for viewing business ventures from a different perspective.

We are on the lookout for great talent that can move Coinfluence forward. You can also contribute to our universe by registering to become our Ambassador in your country.

Coinfluences Launches Ambassador Program

We have an Ambassador Program to help work with innovative individuals and increase our reach in various countries. The role of our Ambassadors is to get the word out about Coinfluence using methods that are unique to their countries.

Our Ambassadors will have access to special Coinfluence merchandise. We will list them on the Coinfluence website so that they become our official representatives in their own countries.

To dig for more information on how to register and win 1 of 50 Ambassador awards, read this article.

If you want to skip the Ambassador program, you can become our affiliate partner. Our affiliate program allows you to earn 20% of the CFLU tokens purchased by your referrals. Visit our website to join the Coinfluence universe as an affiliate partner.

Staying with the Coinfluence website, have you seen our new web design?

Coinfluence Introduces a Richer and Intuitive Web Design

We revamped our website and introduced a fresh look inspired by the solar system theme. It shouldn’t come as a surprise as we aim to go to the moon.

The new website is better and easy on the eye.

We redesigned our website with our users in mind. More importantly, it completely tells the story of who we are, and where we are going.

And that was not all, we even had the time to enjoy your creative designs through our various contests.

Coinfluence Design Contests

We called upon the Coinfluence community to channel its creative side through our MemeDrop and CFLU Video Fest contests. You responded in style.

The memes and videos were great.

We had other competitions and giveaways. And we will have more in the future as we continue to galvanize the Coinfluence universe.

A Toast to the Future

What we have achieved in September and the months before lays down the groundwork for what is yet to come.

We are very optimistic about the future and what we can achieve together with the community. Let’s raise our glasses to the success that we will share down the road.

We will continue to work hard and smart to achieve our collective goals and empower the entire Coinfluence community.

Welcome to Confluence, welcome to the future of crypto.

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