Coinfluence has got a new Smart Contract.

2 min readAug 6, 2021


Dear Coinfluence community,

We have some updates to share with you.

Coinfluence has got a new Smart Contract and here are a few steps that will follow this.

1. The transition will take place on 08 August, 2021

2. We will publish the new smart contract’s address in an updated whitepaper. Users can add this new address as a custom tokens in their respective wallets

3. Old tokens will have no value in the market .

4. All investors who have bought or will buy CFLU tokens before the transition will get the same amount of tokens airdropped to their new addresses. As this will lead to some inconveniences, we will compensate for it with an additional 20% token bonus. So, if you are currently holding 100000 CFLU, you will receive 120000 new tokens.

For those who don’t hold CFLU yet but want to get an additional 20% bonus, we have good news! If you manage to buy CFLU before the transition to the new Smart Contract, you will be involved in a bonus program as well.

We will burn the old tokens that exist in admins’ wallets.

Please, note that the airdrop time is confidential for now and our community will get an announcement once it is done. So keep buying and get a 20% bonus!!

Besides, you also have the chance to get an additional 20% bonus if you participate in our referral program!

20%+20% = 40% of the bonus is available! You should not miss this chance!

P.S. We have now extended the ICO time to 100 days and the counter will be reset with day 1 once the system starts using the new Smart Contract. This will benefit the existing users and will give us some additional time to cover a larger audience.




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