Coinfluence Acquires Decentralized Social Media Platform Weentar to Boost its Portfolio of Future Blockchain Unicorns

2 min readMar 14, 2022


Coinfluence, the next-generation launchpad for accelerating promising blockchain ideas of tomorrow, is excited to announce the acquisition of Weentar (WNTR), a decentralized social media platform that incentivizes participation by minting every post as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) which can be auctioned or sold at a fixed price.

Excited by our first-ever acquisition, we want to boost our portfolio of high-level projects with the potential to become unicorns. Coinfluence has so far raised more than $4 million in the ongoing initial coin offering (ICO) and plans to use the proceeds to fund, promote, and nurture promising blockchain projects. You can become a part of the Coinfluence community by buying your CFLU utility tokens using this link.

Overall, the strategic acquisition is a win-win for Coinfluence and Weentar. CFLU holders will be airdropped already-listed WNTR tokens.

The presence of Coinfluence will be felt by CFLU utility token holders who will stake their tokens to have early access to highly vetted projects.

Coinfluence welcomes Weentar employees to its ranks. WNTR, listed on price aggregator sites CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, can be bought and sold on PancakeSwap and CoinTiger. We will offer strategic funding and expert advice to help Weentar meet its milestones outlined in the roadmap.

“Over the lifespan of Bitcoin, and ultimately crypto, social media has been central to the success of this digital movement,” said Coinfluence CEO Adrian Baba. “However, due to censorship and privacy concerns, it is now time for users to migrate to decentralized social media where they are in control of their posts and data. And this is why we acquired Weentar.”

The acquisition, which could trigger a series of acquisitions along the way, will help us to boost the utility and relevance of the CFLU token. As we offer strategic guidance to Weentar and give it a competitive footprint in the decentralized social media space, it will open up additional opportunities for our community to invest in the next wave of blockchain projects.

Our ICO is still ongoing and the CFLU will be listed on exchanges, on 4 May 2022, starting with PancakeSwap.

We are keeping our eyes on the ball as we aim to accelerate future blockchain unicorns and give deserving projects viral exposure.

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