An Update on Weentar

2 min readApr 17, 2022

The past 24 hours have rattled the Weentar and Coinfluence communities at a proportionate scale because of the unfounded claim made by Jon that Weentar is dead. Weentar, a blockchain-based social media platform for monetizing social engagement, is alive and well. Jon pulled off a rug pull, selling his tokens and sinking reputation for $35,000. The goal of Weentar is worth more than one egomaniac’s plan of destruction. What Jon did is criminal and reveals his true ambitions. A payday. His shortsightedness is very unfortunate but our focus still remains on the project and the Weentar community.

Weentar was built for the community. It was built to serve a purpose and we still believe that now more than ever, the world needs a decentralized social media platform. Weentar is that solution.

But before we get there, I want to assure you that Weentar is as solid as ever, although I admit that the community has been shaken by Jon’s unexpected behavior and remarks, his ambition of destroying the project would fail, and over the coming weeks and months we would see a complete turnaround that was not achievable under his management. The heavy handed leadership and lack of receiving the input from the team that was the personification of Jon did not allow for Weentar to grow as fast. With his rugpull exit comes a new purpose.

Coinfluence recently announced that it has acquired Weentar. Coinfluence will now directly take Weentar under its wings and develop it further. As Coinfluence’s CEO, I will be responsible for this process and stabilizing the ship. Over the next few days, starting as soon as possible, Coinfluence’s team will take over the marketing and development of Weentar. After the acquisition, we allowed Jon to continue running Weentar because we thought he had the project’s best interests at heart. He only had his interests to serve, and this is evidenced by what we all see as a fly-by-night move to sink Weentar.

We will also be launching a new Telegram group to rebuild our Weentar community. Once the dust has settled, I will host an AMA to update the community on the steps taken, and the steps we will take going further.

We urge all Weentar token holders and enthusiasts to not panic. We will keep you updated on new developments and together we would weather yet another storm on this journey of ours.

Thank you,

Adrian Baba

Coinfluence CEO




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