30 Day Lambo Marathon for CFLU HODLers

Coinfluence, a next-generation platform for funding and incubating future blockchain unicorns, is excited to announce the “30 Day Lambo Marathon’’ promotion for die-hard CFLU HODLers. Following the aftermath of the ICO extension to 4 May 2022, we would like to say Thank You. The launch date was pushed back to help the project realize its long-term vision and goals and to reward your patience, we would like you and new investors to participate in our 30-day Lambo Marathon.

While the ICO extension has ruffled some feathers, it has also shown us that there are a lot of people who believe in the long-term vision of Coinfluence and the impact it will have on the nascent crypto industry. We are grateful for the support and faith. This is our foundation to reach greater heights in the future.

The promotional period will run from 22 November to 22 December.

30 Day Lambo Marathon Calendar

How it works

Each day we will share the details of the giveaway or announcement. Follow our social media or Telegram to stay up to date. All confirmed CFLU holders take part in all giveaways and drops automatically. If you have requested a refund you will not be eligible to take part. If you already requested a refund, you can still participate in this promotion by using the “Cancel the Request” form.


Giveaways will last for 14 days, including the day of the announcement. Each wallet that holds CFLU the day prior to the announcement will by default hold 1 ticket entry. You can earn additional tickets as follows:

Every Gleam entry during the giveaway period = 1 entry

For each transaction on the day of the announcement till the giveaway period ends, you will collect additional tickets as follows:

Below $100 = 1 entry per dollar
Between $100-$999 = 2 entries per dollar
Between $1000-$4999 = 5 entries per dollar
Between $5000-$9999 = 10 entries per dollar

During certain periods, each transaction can be eligible for multiple giveaways.

NFT prizes

Every line of NFT will consist of 15K unique items of which10 will be considered Special or Ultra Rare. Each CFLU holder will receive 1 random NFT. The 10 Special or Ultra Rare NFTs will be given to a random winner. The winner will be chosen according to the giveaway entry system. The remaining NFTs will be held by Coinfluence.

The winners

Winners of prizes will be picked randomly. The winning wallets will be shared publicly on our Social Media and Telegram. Cash or token prizes will be transferred directly into the winning wallet. Winners of physical prizes will need to get in touch with us by email. To verify you own the wallet we will request a micro-transfer of a random amount between 1 and 5 USD. Once we receive it we will refund the transaction and send you your prize. If the winner does not reach out to us within 72 hours we will pick a new winner.

Let’s HODL CFLU as we build the future of crypto.

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Coinfluence is an influencer accelerator platform for launching worthwhile blockchain projects. Our goal is to make great blockchain projects go viral.

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Coinfluence is an influencer accelerator platform for launching worthwhile blockchain projects. Our goal is to make great blockchain projects go viral.

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